It’s about to begin!!!


For those of you who don’t know me I am a 29 year old working mum of two beautiful girls and I am lucky enough to have wonderful husband! I am somewhat overweight (more about that later) and have been accepted to run the London Marathon in April 2013! My blog will be about how an unfit, overweight, full time working mum can juggle work, kids, husbands, dogs, cat and training to run 26.2 miles in under 5 hours (optimistic I know but I need to aim for something!). I also have an addiction to diet coke!

I am hoping that the training will cause me to lose the weight I need to win the bet with my husband (I have an amazing Louis Vuitton bag, purse and charm resting on this) and I will be raising money for charity so it is important that I complete the marathon!! 

Well introductions over, the hard work starts tomorrow! 

Wish me luck!

Susie x


2 responses to “It’s about to begin!!!

  1. We’ll be keeping an eye on your progress!

  2. lesley

    good luck huni we have ya back!!!! let us know when the sponsor page goes up and we will support you 100%!!!!! xxxxxXxxxxx

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