Charities and getting started


Well we are a few weeks in now and the reality of what I have decided to do it starting to set in! At (and I’m going to be very honest now) a starting weight of 190lbs running is not the easiest! I am alternating running with swimming in the hope that I will lose more weight and then running will become easier! In six months I have to be able to run 26.2 miles and I do want to run it all! So far I am comfortable at 6 but could do 10 at a push!!! Ideally by the time the marathon arrives I need to have lost about 50lbs! I was recently told that my stomach looked like rice krispies so I definitely need to lose weight!! I am struggling to find the time to train around work, kids and other things plus I’m pretty good a reasons not to so I forced myself to got for a run in the rain this morning, no more excuses! Anyway I’m rambling now!!!

The main reason for me wanting to do the marathon was to raise money for charity. I have chosen two amazing charities, the first is Neuroblastoma Alliance Uk, this charity is raising awareness of Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, and helping to raise money for the much needed treatments that are not offered here in the UK. I first heard about this charity last year when a local family started to raise money to take their daughter Sadie Rose to America for treatment, after much fund raising they arrived in America to be told their two year old daughter was too ill for treatment and in June this year she lost her battle with the disease and fell asleep forever. I am hoping to raise funds to help children like Sadie Rose receive treatment that can help save their lives.

The second charity is sands, this charity offers support to families who have lost a baby late in pregnancy or shortly after birth. I became aware of this charity last year after members of my family lost their daughter Freya shortly before she was due to be born. Support to families at this time and after is so important so I am raising funds for this charity so they can support families in this difficult situation. 

If you would like to sponsor me please see the below links:

For neuroblastoma –

For Sands –



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