New Year!!!!!

imageOk so I started this blog and few months ago and have been rubbish at updating it! I will claim to much to do, to little time but really it’s due to my training and weightloss not being what is should be so I’ve not had much to write about!

So what has been happening…..well before Christmas I had managed to shift about 10lbs, however Christmas has undone most of this work and I start the year at 186.6lbs, 46.6lbs above marathon day target!!!

I have started the year as I intend to continue, workout before work plus I went to the gym in my lunch, I am currently trying to shift a three week long cough so have not been out on the roads! I am hopeful that by the weekend running outside will be fine as I have a nice 6 mile hill run I want to do! Plus my hubby bought me new pink running gear for Christmas and I want to wear it out!

Obviously the whole point of this running lark is really to raise funds for the charities I have chosen, I follow a number of Facebook pages for the children who are currently undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma! One boy in particular has made me realise once again how importants the funds are to the charity, he has spent Christmas in intensive care and his family spend everyday wondering what will happen next and just dealing with the things that are thrown at them but living in hope that the doctors will be able to help their little boy. As they are receiving treatment abroad all of this comes at a huge cost. It is so important to me to be able to raise funds for the charity to help people like Jamie continue to receive the best treatment and his family receive the support they need.

If you could support me in my efforts to raise funds for neuroblastoma alliance uk and sands please go to for Neuroblastoma Alliance Uk or for Sands, even £1 will help!



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