Getting older, friends and excuses!

Well there are less then 9 weeks to the marathon and I have finally started doing some training! For the last few weeks I have been busy turning 30 having lots of celebratory food and drink, more food for my daughter’s fourth birthday, generally having a good time and constantly thinking it’s fine I’ll train tomorrow but tomorrow never comes so now I train today! 

Turning 30 was interesting, I decided not to have a big bash and just invited my favourite people for dinner. Most of these people have come into my life as they are long standing friends of my husband however over the years I have come to consider these people my best friends and they really are some of the most amazing people you could meet. Getting older also involved a surprise trip to Barcelona (no I did not run while I was there!).

I am wondering how other working parents fit marathon training into their lives as it is so difficult especially when it is dark either side of being at work, at least I have a lot of highvis pink running gear so if you see someone in a lot of pink gear running the streets of Harrogate chances are its me so say hi! 

Ok so here’s the sponsorship request again!

To support Neuroblastoma

To support sands

Follow me on twitter @susiedoherty

Also check out for more information about me, the marathon, the charities and other events the run4charity team are doing.

Until next time xx


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