So there are 22 days until the marathon! How did that happen?
I have to be honest and say that as well as being absolutely rubbish at updating this blog I have been rubbish at training too! I have been out running just no where near as often as I should. Trying to fit in time to run between, children, hubby working away, work, pets, snow, cold weather, birthdays, events, cake baking ……etc. Yes I know none of these should matter and I should have found time to run and I know in there that there was more time to run than I did! To be honest when I am out running I feel guilty as this is some of the little time I could be spending with my kids used to run around the streets!
I have decided that I will never be the fastest running in the world but with an average pace of 12-13 minute miles I am particularly slow (I do have short legs and that really doesn’t help ‘More excuses I hear you say’). I have now made a bet with my husband that I will complete the marathon in six hours or under, this should be doable as this requires me to run 13.74 minute miles which based on my average pace should be fine but this involves me keeping up my already slow pace for 26.2 miles! I am determined to keep running until I can run no more and then I will have to walk but there is a massive part of me that says if I can walk then surely I could have run further!?!?!?!?!
Obviously the main reason for me trying to run is to raise money for my charities so as I approach the last few weeks before the marathon and try to cram in a lot of running in a short space of time please sponsor me any amount you can, to do this go to http://www.run4charity.net click donate and find the two options for me.

You can also follow my efforts on twitter @susiedoherty

Until next time xxx



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