I did it!!!

Well this time last week I was waiting at the start of the London Marathon, time to write about my experience!!!
My husband took me to catch my train at the start line, due to the fact that I couldn’t shut up he informed me I was clearly nervous and yes I was. As I said goodbye to him and boarded the very busy train I was really nervous! As the train set off people on the train were chatting away and I ended up speaking to two blokes Alex and Aaron! Alex was running the marathon for an ovarian cancer charity as he had lost his sister to ovarian cancer. We discussed our training, nerves, Boston marathon bombings, the weather and where we were from. General chit chat that allowed nerves to lessen. Once we arrived at the holding area I was less nervous I just wanted to get running! So after numerous toilet trips I headed down to my start point and the nerves were back !! The marathon held a 30 second silence for the Boston marathon but where I was stood you weren’t aware that this was happening which was a shame. And then we were off well it took ten minutes to walk to the start line but then that was it I had begun!!! For the first few miles it was brilliant I was loving every minute, at about mile 8 I was thinking I can do this!! I had a good pace and despite the sun was feeling very comfortable! On arriving at the 12 mile mark I had to go to the loo!! Big mistake!! After queuing for ages once I got back out running I was behind where I wanted to be! I set off running again and for a mile was doing ok but my knee had other ideas!! Suddenly it felt like my knee cap was on the outside of my knee! It wasn’t it just felt like it and it was agony!!! I stopped running and started walking /hobbling! I was running for two amazing charities and in memory of two little girls a painful knee was not going to stop me!! So for many miles I walked/hobbled/ ran in a funny way!! My husband rang a few times to give me words of encouragement and at 22miles I spoke to my four year old! That was it I was suddenly crying along the marathon route!! I reached 25 miles and thought stuff this I don’t care how much pain I’m in anyone can run a mile so I was off, suddenly I was at the 800 metres to go, 600 metres to go, 400 metres to go, 200 metres to go!!! Then I saw my husband he told me my daughters wanted to run with me, I saw them waiting just ahead. I ran grabbed their hands and they dragged me over the finish line! That was it I had done in 26.2 miles and I finished with my girls knowing how lucky I was to have them there as the whole reason for running was to raise funds in memory of two little girls no longer here!! The ballot for the marathon opens again tomorrow, I may just enter!!!!
In memory of Sadie Rose Clifford and Freya Doherty xx


It’s tomorrow!

Well we are on our way to London! Collecting running number today and then tomorrow is the big day! I’m sure you are all bored of my sponsorship requests but raising funds for these charities is so important to me! Both these charities do amazing work in supporting families at extremely difficult times! Running 26.2 miles is a very daunting task, I am in no way a runner and do not in anyway have the physique of a runner but I try and I will try tomorrow as I am doing it in memory of two little girls. Without Freya and Sadie I would not have know about these charities. Both little girls were taken from the world to early and left parents without their child, I cannot begin to comprehend how parents cope with the loss of a child. Freya never got to see the world but is still loved as much by her family as if she had lived 100 years. Sadie rose spent a large part of her life fighting neuroblastoma and although she lost her battle she gain the love of not just her family but also the community , what an amazing little girl she was! I hope tomorrow I can do everyone proud in memory of Freya Doherty and Sadie Rose Clifford xxxxx