It’s tomorrow!

Well we are on our way to London! Collecting running number today and then tomorrow is the big day! I’m sure you are all bored of my sponsorship requests but raising funds for these charities is so important to me! Both these charities do amazing work in supporting families at extremely difficult times! Running 26.2 miles is a very daunting task, I am in no way a runner and do not in anyway have the physique of a runner but I try and I will try tomorrow as I am doing it in memory of two little girls. Without Freya and Sadie I would not have know about these charities. Both little girls were taken from the world to early and left parents without their child, I cannot begin to comprehend how parents cope with the loss of a child. Freya never got to see the world but is still loved as much by her family as if she had lived 100 years. Sadie rose spent a large part of her life fighting neuroblastoma and although she lost her battle she gain the love of not just her family but also the community , what an amazing little girl she was! I hope tomorrow I can do everyone proud in memory of Freya Doherty and Sadie Rose Clifford xxxxx


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